Introducing World Banknote Grading Consignment Service

SELL NOTES ONLINE — World Banknote Grading now has a consignment e-commerce website exclusively for WBG customers and WBG graded banknotes.

DEALER HOMEPAGES — Banknote dealers and large sellers can have a personal ecommerce homepage. Submit your notes, write a bio, send in a photo and you're on the Internet.

SAVE TIME — This one-of-a-kind service is a streamlined one-stop-shop for grading and selling your notes online. It will save you time and money.

LESS WORK — When you send your notes for grading, request them for consignment, set the sale price, and we post them on the e-commerce site. WBG manages the website, sales, and shipping for you.

NO EBAY — Don’t worry about setting up your own website or working within eBay’s limitations and high costs. Leave the work to us.

East Africa, P-46a, 10 Shillings, ND (1964), Signatures: Omari/Hirst, 62 Uncirculated Gibraltar, P-06, 2 Shillings/2 Chelines, 6.8.1914 Signatures: A.C. Greenwood 12 Fine U.S. Federal Reserve, Fr. 2154-D, 100 Dollars, Series 1934 B Signatures: Julian/Vinson 66 TOP UNC Gem
Bahamas, P-44a*, 3 Dollars, 1974 (1984), Signatures: W.C. Allen, 66 TOP UNC Gem, REPLACEMENT Bahamas, P-14d, 10 Shillings, 1936 (1953) Signatures: Higgs/Sweeting/Roberts 65 TOP UNC Gem  Bermuda, P-50b, 2 Dollars, 7.5.2007, Signatures: Richardson / Collis, 65 TOP UNC Gem
Cayman Islands, P-08a, 25 Dollars, 1974 Signatures: V.G. Johnson 65 TOP UNC Gem Canada, P-082a, 100 Dollars, 1954 (1955-61), 53 About UNC Mozambique, P-33, 1000 Reis, 1.3.1909, Signatures: unidentified/de Sousa/da Silva, 20 Very Fine


WBG Consignment can manage image scanning and inserting the notes onto our e-commerce site for a price you set as the seller. WBG will keep the notes at our facility and ship them to the buyer. As a seller you receive your realized sale price shortly after purchase and shipping is confirmed.