World Banknote Grading (WBG) is a leader in accurate identification, preservation, and grading of world paper money. Many dealers and individuals have notes graded to sell at auction, online, or as dealer stock and it has come to our attention that selling banknotes online is more difficult and more costly than it should be.

More specifically, building an e-commerce website solution can be a challenging and costly project for many paper money dealers. Once up and running, the site needs to be maintained, orders processed, payments managed, etc. Beyond the initial build, a website with only a few hundred notes is relatively small, difficult to find via search, and with the limited amount of stock, visitors may not find notes of interest and never return.

Today customers from around the world send WBG notes to be graded. We identify them, perform the grading, add detailed information on the label, and encase them in plastic. That’s the hard part.

WBG Consignment can manage image scanning and inserting the notes onto our e-commerce site for a price you set as the seller. WBG will keep the notes safe at our facility and ship them to the buyer. As a seller you receive your realized sale price shortly after purchase and shipping is confirmed.

Buyers get a first class website experience loaded with notes from around the world. With a wide variety of consigners and dealer partners, the material stock on the site will be exciting and fresh.

All notes will be graded by WBG, so the banknote condition and attribution information is accurate and clearly identified. Buyers will be able to purchase notes from many consigners in a single transaction, saving them time and money on shipping.

Contact Information:
Phone: +1.701.838.0790