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Michael Morris

Michael Morris Michael has been a full time professional banknote dealer for over 30 years. His interest goes back to the time he spent with the U.S. Air Force in Europe. The exposure to the world introduced him to banknotes and it has been a love affair ever since. Primarily a Mail Order dealer, Michael was one of the very first dealers with his own web site (some people may say his web site still looks old).

He has participated in the Maastricht Paper Money Show since it’s second year and has been at Memphis for 30 years.

Michael is now one of the very last companies that will send a hard copy printout of a paper money sales list as well as an electronic version. So if you prefer having a paper catalog that you can look at any time or place – just ask!

Michael Morris World Paper Money has one of the largest inventories of world banknotes with a strong inventory of pre 1960 banknotes as well as a reputation of being very quick in offering new issues. We like islands, small countries, France and French Colonies, British Commonwealth and Africa banknotes in particular. You will find everything from rare high grade banknotes to the most affordable. All with great service.

Contact Michael: michael@morrismoney.com or by phone at +1.952.881.9403
: www.morrismoney.com/

Michael Morris
P.O. Box 20046
Minneapolis, MN 55420